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On November 26, the Mexican Senate overwhelmingly voted to legalize marijuana, and Canada legalized marijuana back in 2018. The US has not federally legalized marijuana, but four more states voted to legalize it in the 2020 election, bringing : the total to 15. There is no set period that you must wait to re-enter , the United States after the end of your authorized stay. However, if a CBP officer suspects you are spending more time in the United States than in Canada, it will be up to you to prove to the officer that you are a temporary visitor, not a U.S. resident. But the UN cannabis reclassification has impacted further than Malta. In December, the new German coalition government advised that it will be passing laws to facilitate the sale of cannabis for recreational use to adults from licensed shops.ontario cannabis retail storeCannabis for non-medical use becamelegal in Canadain 2018. Visit Ontario's Cannabis Legalizationpage for information. Municipalities and community members have a 15 day period if they wish to provide input on proposed store licenses within , the city. Notices will be posted at the proposed store location and on the , AGCO website. Municipalities are able to provide additional feedback on distances and consideration for other sensitive uses as part of the public input process. This feedback will be considered in the decision making process for the store licenses. At the peak of the pandemic, retailers could only deliver until 8 pm. Any orders not delivered by this deadline must be returned to the store. The OCS has been delivering as late as 11 pm. Although stores can now deliver until 11 pm, the issue is that technically if it8217;s past 11 pm, the employee must abandon the delivery and return the product to the store. Score that: Private retailers 0, OCS 3.marijuana seeds legal canadaTo maintain protection, seeds and other propogating material need to be kept strictly confidential. Trade secret protection would be lost if the composition of the strain or the processing technique could be reverse-engineered or independently developed. Also, , absent any contractual provisions to the contrary, anyone who legitimately acquires propogating material of the strain would be free to reproduce the plant. The Task Force on Cannabis Legalization and Regulation was formed in June2016 with a mandate to consult broadly with Canadians and to provide advice on the design of a new legislative and regulatory framework for cannabis in Canada. In its final report, A Framework for the Legalization and Regulation of Cannabis in Canada, the Task Force made 85 recommendations, including a number of recommendations specific to regulating edible cannabis and cannabis extracts, including extracts containing a higher concentration of THC.

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