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Updated 3-22-2020

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Hand-building with Paper Clay

Instructor: Jennifer Mally

May 15 - 17 2020

Time: 4:00pm Friday through 4:00pm Sunday

Lodging at the Art Ventures Retreat Center: $88 (2 nights)

Meals: $60 (6 meals)

Workshop Fee: $125 (without total package)

Total Package: $250 (meals, lodging + workshop fee)

SINGLE ROOMS ARE LIMITED.  Availability is based on the number of attendees in a workshop.  For questions or to inquire about  a single room, please contact Tara Krueger. 

Tara@bethelhorizons.org     Phone: 608574-3993


Paper clay has different properties than normal clay. It is stronger when bone dry than normal clay and dry paper clay can be joined to wet paper clay. These properties expand the possibilities of the sculptures and shapes you can make! Each participant will make 25 pounds of paper clay that will be used during the workshop. We will experiment with the limits of paper clay through hand-building sculptures and forms that cannot be easily made with normal clay.


2020 Hand-building with Paper Clay May 15 - 17

*Workshop Options
*Gender (for lodging purposes)
*If available, want a single room? (add. $35/day)
*Your Age Range (for lodging purposes)