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Sunday, April 16, 2023

1:00pm - 5:00pm



We require ALL new Tuesday night participants who have had little to no prior clay experience at Adamah to attend one of these classes. This program acts like a certification class so our open studios nights are successful. 


We will go over the following topics:


·       How to wedge clay and why

·       What does cone 6 mean (vs cone 06……)

·       Basic, basic cylinder throwing on the wheel

·       Appropriate wall/bottom thickness of pieces

·       What makes pieces blow up in the kiln

·       How to properly attach 2+ pieces of clay

·       Proper drying techniques

·       Properly applying cone 6 glazes

·       Applying underglazes

·       Waxing

·       Properly applying cone 6 glazes

·       Kiln stacking rules to prevent warping, sticking to the kiln shelf, etc

·       Cleaning the studio properly

Clay 101 - April 16