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Place Based Inspiration for Utilitarian Pots 

Instructor: Dean Leeper

Date: June 25 - 30

Time: 4:00 pm, Sunday through 2:00 pm, Friday

Workshop Fee: $850 includes meals, lodging and materials    

*Previous throwing experience expected


Join Dean Leeper for a five-day workshop that examines what it means to find and use inspiration in the “place” around you to add meaning and personality to your work. In this workshop, you will explore throwing techniques for a wide variety of common functional pots through demonstrations as well as supplemental resources including slide shows, talks, and group discussions to help see how other artists have worked in similar styles. This workshop is designed for those with previous throwing/hand building experience. 


“I would like us to use Adamah, its landscape, location, people, and place as our source of focus. The idea of making work related to your environment may already be a creative interest of yours or if not, it can be seen as a useful exercise to create and work in a new way. The ideas we will consider might be similar but your individual interpretation and results are unique to you and your work. All ideas and perspectives are welcome. My hope is this workshop will allow you to feel more confident with your throwing, provide you with new techniques, and give you new curiosity in regards to your creative practice as you continue your ceramic journey.”  - Dean Leeper


*The retreat fee includes a multiple occupancy room in the Art Retreat Center. If interested in a single room, email our Office Manager, Mike Bartch— — for prices and availability.

*Maximum of 15 participants total. Minimum of 6 participants for workshop to take place. If workshop is canceled due to low numbers, you will be fully refunded or able to transfer to another available workshop.


*Scholarships available. Please apply