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Raku and Pit Firing Workshop

Instructor: Michael Schael

Date: June 26 - 29, 2022

Time: 10:00am Sunday June 26th  through 3:00pm Wednesday June 29th

Fee: $435 - Includes lodging at the AVRC or the Prairie Center, all meals and materials


Raku and pit firing can create beautiful surface effects! Come to Adamah for a 4 - day immersion into raku and pit firing. Learn to construct a brick kiln to “pit” firing your work. We will introduce you to various household materials and metallic salts to add color into your pit-fired work. Learn to successfully stack and fire a “pit kiln”.


For the raku portion of the workshop, we will experiment with horsehair raku, dry copper matte glaze, and naked raku. We will also offer the typical raku glazes which result in beautiful, metallic surfaces. Bring 5-10 pieces of bisque-fired pottery to be pit fired and up to 15 pieces of bisque-fired work (10” maximum) to be raku fired. We suggest making your pieces from a raku clay body to prevent thermal shock breakage. 


During your time at Adamah, enjoy pizza cooked in our wood fired oven, hiking our trails and sitting around our outdoor fire pit and take in the views.

2022 Raku & Pit Firing with Michael Schael- June 26-29