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Pinch Pottery Exploration with Michael Imes


August 15 - 20, 2021

Time: 4:00pm Sunday through 12:00 noon on Friday

Workshop Fee: $625 (Includes lodging at the AVRC and all meals)


Whether you’re a beginning, intermediate or advanced pincher, you will be able to learn from Michael’s hands-on workshop. Participants will learn about the history of pinch pottery making, and explore form, texture, and archetypal gestures. Beginning demonstrations will cover methods of opening, pinching basic shapes (bowls and cups), and experimenting with texture and approaches to decoration. Intermediate work will explore some compulsory forms (including: vases, jugs, bottles, baskets, etc.), and advanced students will learn methods for making covered jars, pitchers, ewers, teapots, and pinch and coil divided vessel forms. Everyone will work at their own pace, with lots of one on one interaction and some collaboration.


For questions, please contact Jennifer Mally     Phone: 608-574-8100



2021 Pinch Pottery Exploration with Michael Imes - Aug.15-20