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Card Weaving - Making Beautiful Belts, Cording and Ties 


April 10, 2021

Time: 10:00am to 4:00pm

Workshop Fee: $75 (Includes all materials, weaving cards and lunch served in the dining hall)

Card weaving is an ancient craft where yarn is threaded through cards that act as a loom. Learn how to read a simple pattern, string the weaving cards and weave a long, beautiful band. Pick the colors and the width of your project. Your ancient-style band can be used as a belt, camera strap, wall decoration or trim for any bag or sweater. We will be weaving in the traditional method of tying the warp of the project around our waists to keep the project pulled taut during weaving. (For those of you who require more mobility, we have a few looms to support the warp instead.) Take your project, weaving cards and a few patterns home with you!


For questions, please contact Jennifer Mally     Phone: 608-574-8100



2021 Card Weaving - Making Beautiful Belts, Cording and Ties April 10