THIS WORKSHOP IS CANCELLED DUE TO THE CORONAVIRUS SITUATION. Rescheduled for Nov. 1, 2020. Please see the winter workshops.

Learn How to Cultivate Mushrooms on Hardwood

Instructors: Emily and Christopher Appelman

March 29,2020

Time: 9:00 am - 4:30 pm

Workshop Fee: $65 (Includes lunch and materials)


Come and learn from experienced mushroom log cultivators how to small-scale log grown gourmet and medicinal mushrooms. Get hands on experience in the inoculation process. Learn the importance that mushrooms hold in everyday life within our bodies and environment. Discover the difference between bag grown and hardwood log grown mushroom as well as the challenges and advantages presented by each method.


9:30am Introduction:

Natural Cultivation Tutorial

10:00am Hardwood Log Pre-Cultivation Preparation

12pm Lunch and Q&As

1:30pm Outdoor Exertion: What, When and Why Tree

Identification and Sourcing of Lumber

2:15 Mushroom Inoculating and Sealing Tutorial

2:30 Log Inoculation and Sealing

4pm Mushroom Log Incubation, Colonization, Care and Q&As

Questions? Please contact Tara Krueger     Phone: 608574-3993


2020 Learn How to Cultivate Mushrooms on Hardwood-March 29


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