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Updated 3-22-2020

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Fluid Movement - Pottery with Fluid Textures and 


Instructor: Brett Roberts

July 11 - 14, 2020

Time: 10:00am Saturday July 11 through 1:00pm Tuesday July 14

Lodging at the Art Ventures Retreat Center: $125 (3 nights)

Meals: $96 (5 meals)

Enjoy wood fired pizza on Saturday evening!

Workshop Fee: $195

Total Package: $400 (workshop fee+lodging+meals)

SINGLE ROOMS ARE LIMITED.  Availability is based on the number of attendees in a workshop.  For questions or to inquire about  a single room, please contact Tara Krueger. 

Tara@bethelhorizons.org     Phone: 608574-3993


The focus of this workshop will be fluid texturing and altering of thrown forms. Altering techniques will include faceting, addition of liquid slips and stretching soft clay forms. Tableware will be the

primary focus of forms, but you are encouraged to apply these techniques to your hand-built and sculptural work as well. We will explore glaze application techniques and fire some finished work.

Demonstrations will accompany plenty of personal studio time.

Participants are encouraged to bring your own throwing and

trimming tools. Additional things to bring include 3-5 small to medium bisque fired pieces to use for cone 5 glaze firing, and 3-5

digital images of your finished work to share with the group.

Workshop fee includes 50# of stoneware clay.


2020 Fluid Movement - Pottery with Fluid Textures and  Alterations July 11 - 14

*Workshop Options
*Gender (for lodging purposes)
*If available, want a single room? (add. $35/day)
*Dietary restrictions?
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