Communing with Clay

Instructor: Geof Herman

August 2-7, 2020

Time: 5:00pm August 2 through 1:00pm Friday August 7

Lodging at the Art Ventures Retreat Center: $195 (5 nights)

Meals: $145 (14 meals)

Enjoy wood fired pizza on Sunday evening!

Workshop fee: $250

APT ticket: $35

Nearly Full Package $555 (workshop fee+lodging+meals, no theater)

Full Package: $590 (workshop fee + ldoging + meals + APT theater ticket)

SINGLE ROOMS ARE LIMITED.  Availability is based on the number of attendees in a workshop. 


For questions or to inquire about  a single room, please contact Jennifer Mally     Phone: 608-574-8100


Class maximum: 24 students


This workshop is a long-standing tradition at Art Ventures. Join Geof and a talented group of potters and sculptors; enhance your sculpting, wheel throwing and decoration skills while learning new techniques through demos, critiques and one-on-one instruction. Extended productive days in the studio are the norm for this workshop. Enjoy the community that develops throughout the week, be uplifted by positive experiences and find inspiration in our gorgeous outdoor setting. This workshop includes an evening performance at the American Players Theater. "Full Package" Fee includes 2 bags of stoneware clay, American Players Theater tickets, meals and lodging at our new Art Ventures Retreat Center.



Geof Herman, CWC Artist Statement

I recently retired from my career 30 year career of teaching the visual arts in the Madison, WI School system where I spent 22 years teaching three levels of ceramics at Memorial High School. I will be teaching the Ceramics 2 class at Edgewood College during the 19-20 spring semester. I am proud to share that many of my former students have gone on to become professional artists, art teachers and art professors. I began bringing my high school ceramics students to the Communing with Clay Workshop in 1990 to work with master teacher Don Hunt. Adamah Studios is the grand result of Don’s vision, efforts and skills and I am honored to be leading the original workshop he founded. This will be my 14th year heading the Communing with Clay workshop. I strive to keep the design of this workshop experience true to the way Don envisioned and executed it. I am delighted to share that the talented and creative Jacki Whisenant will once again be assisting me this summer.


The Communing with Clay workshop is a unique experience in numerous ways. Jacki and I are able to work with all skill levels of ceramicists and help them identify and reach their art goals. Yes, it is helpful to have some prior clay experience for this workshop but that is by no means a prerequisite. Our workshops have been wonderfully attended by all ages and abilities; and through the activities and focus of the workshop the groups become quite supportive and cohesive. In addition to the daily sculpting, throwing and decoration demonstrations provided by the workshop leaders our Communing with Clay workshops also employ a distributive learning approach where we all learn from one another---everyone has something valuable to bring to the group. This further builds the natural creative community that forms throughout the workshop. We have many artists returning every summer to build their skills and renew their ties with friends and fellow artists. There are daily scheduled demonstrations and impromptu demonstrations throughout the week as often as is needed. Valuable constructive feedback (formal and informal) is delivered whenever it is sought.


We will inquire about your learning goals are for the day and then endeavor to help you realize them. Prior to the workshop you are highly encouraged to contact me and share your workshop goals. This way I can make sure I am prepared with examples and information specifically for you at the Communing With Clay workshop. In addition to the regular studio activities there are opportunities for taking nature hikes to nearby rocky bluffs for outstanding views of the beautiful "Driftless" landscape, making s’mores at night, swimming at Governor Dodge, rousing bocce ball contests, photographic expeditions, evening board game play and more.


As a ceramicist I have both wheel throwing and sculpting skills and it is my great pleasure to teach them to others. I have been a producer of functional forms and objects of art that I have been exhibiting and selling for the past 32 years. I am the proud son of Elizabeth Rasmussen who has been a professional potter for over 60 years. Many fine artists and potters have proven instrumental in my growth and development as a ceramicist and instructor. That list of influential artists would include: Doug Marschalek, Richard Burkett, Don Hunt, Leon Lawrenz, Don Reitz, Bacia Edelman, Karen Bell, David Smith, Tony Winchester, Beth Rasmussen, Mitch Sigmund, Michael Schael, and Jacki Whisenant. If you have any questions about the workshop please do not hesitate to contact me. My email address is: Jacki and I find this workshop to be a highlight of each and every summer for us. We look forward to working with you!

2020 Communing with Clay August 2-7

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