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Social Environment

Brett Roberts is a 3-D High School Art Teacher and Ceramics Instructor from Waterford, Wisconsin.  

He remembers first seeing the Adamah catalog as an art student in college, but didn’t give it a second thought knowing how similar ceramics centers were not financially feasible for him at the time.

It wasn’t until realizing that Adamah was located in Dodgeville, Wisconsin that he realized he could experience being a workshop artist. “I still couldn’t justify taking a workshop, as we were starting a family, but I could bring our students for a field trip to experience what it’s like to be in this type of environment,” Brett said.

For nine years Brett has been bringing students from Waterford to Adamah for a ceramics retreat. “The students love it. For me it’s a nice break, I love teaching, but here I get to create alongside them.” Brett said. What started as just ceramic students has grown into bringing along students who create through different mediums like stained glass and painting. “The new studio edition is going to be great. I can see being able to bring even more students from the 2-D and 3-D classes at school.” 

“It's really great getting out here and being in this social environment.  It’s exciting to see how Adamah is growing and I like being a part of that for as long as they’ll have me.” Brett said. “Adamah has a lot of like minded people who come together and share their knowledge. I think that pottery is the most openly shared medium and it’s that openness that builds one's skill set.”

This year Brett will be teaching Fluid Movement at the end of July for the third year.  

We are grateful to Brett for providing this retreat experience to inspire the next generation of artists and are so thankful to all of our visiting instructors for sharing their knowledge and passion with those they teach at Adamah.

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