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Outside The Box

Rebekah Krieger was always interested in art, mainly painting and drawing, but all of that came to an abrupt end when she got pregnant and married at a very young age. “All of my dreams and goals of going to school for art got brushed aside since we were starting a family.” she said.

As the kids grew older, Rebekah was really missing that creative outlet and fulfillment she felt through art. “I dabbled in a number of different mediums but it wasn’t until I took a five night pottery workshop, that I realized I really loved the tactile experience of having clay in my hands. It’s instant gratification to be able to create something out of nothing. After that I immersed myself in learning everything I could online.”

“When you are self taught it is easy to get trapped in misinformation or poor technique.” Rebekah shared. “Finding Adamah and participating in Steven Hill’s Journey Workshop really forced me to explore myself.  Having this immersive experience provided the personal correction and critique I was missing. You just don’t get that from reading forums and taking online classes.  The Journey workshop gave me permission and the support to explore different forms that I didn’t have the guts to try. I would’ve never altered or cut up a really well made vase before because I was too afraid to mess it up.”

“Prior to the Journey I had confidence in the wrong way.  I was confident in my knowledge and ability in making a good pot but the Journey gave me the confidence to discover and truly know what I like.  I now have the confidence to not be afraid to screw up more pots. I can always make another one. It forced me to think outside of the box.”

We are so happy that Rebekah’s journey brought her to Adamah and that she now has the confidence in herself to grow and explore her voice in clay.

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