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Brick by Brick

Melissa Flynn had been very happy working out of her local studio near Waukesha, Wisconsin when she first saw Adamah’s workshop catalog. “Adult, sleepover, pottery workshops,” Melissa giggled.  “What could be better! That’s like a dream.”

Her first workshop was a Steven Hill glazing workshop in 2021.  Melissa said the experience she had here as an artist was amazing.  “I was so struck with the staff, the location and the facility that it made me want to help.”

“Jennifer, at the time, was looking to raise funds to finish building a kiln.  I remember her saying that she had been buying bricks, brick by brick when funds allowed and I immediately wanted to use my fundraising background to help.”  With Melissa’s assistance they raised half of the funds goal for the Nikita Kiln that weekend!

“It really motivated me.  It is so amazing to have something like this in our backyard in Wisconsin.  Adamah is a place you can come and feel like you have completely escaped everything, with this gorgeous setting, and still have this ability to make an impact.  You’re an actual individual here, you’re not just one of thousands of people who come here. To know that personally, I could make a difference and help fund a kiln that we will be building this summer is so amazing.” shared Melissa. “That has made me want to volunteer more!”

We are so grateful to Melissa and all those who support Adamah through fundraising and volunteerism.  It is their dedication that allows Adamah to provide affordable, accessible workshops and continued growth for future projects, like the Nikita Kiln.

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