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Kiln Rentals

As the renter, you are required to load and unload your work. All kiln shelves must be clean and re-kiln washed if necessary. The kiln must be vacuumed out of all debris. No cones provided but can be purchased for $1 / cone. 

Check out our workshops that provide different firing techniques!

IMG_0617 2.JPG

Bailey Gas Kiln

The Bailey gas kiln can be rented to people experienced in gas kiln operation. If you have not run a Bailey gas kiln you can pay our studio manager to fire it for you. 

Gas Reduction firing: $135
Technician Fee: $150
*inquire for payment to use studio glazes

Electric Kiln

Adamah Art Studios rents the use of their electric kilns for bisque and glaze firing.

Bisque firing: $50
Glaze firing up to cone 6: $70
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