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Making Expressive Pots with Texture, Volume and Fluidity with Andrew Linderman
Making Expressive Pots with Texture, Volume and Fluidity with Andrew Linderman

Making Expressive Pots with Texture, Volume and Fluidity with Andrew Linderman

In this workshop, Andrew Linderman will share his making processes, and we will practice techniques to create lively textures and build new forms from combined wheel-thrown shapes.

Date & Time

Jul 14, 2024, 6:00 PM – Jul 19, 2024, 12:00 PM

Adamah Art Studios, 4681 Co Rd ZZ, Dodgeville, WI 53533, USA

About the Workshop

Participants will explore a variety of wheel throwing techniques while making simple and compound forms, including strategies to throw more efficiently, using a throwing stick to shape vessels from the inside out, adding and maintaining exterior textures on open and closed forms, combining and altering multiple wheel-thrown shapes to create new forms, and creating pots that are “full of breath”. This workshop is intended for people with some throwing experience.

Adamah will provide: 

  • 50lbs of stoneware clay. Porcelain and additional stoneware will be available for purchase. 
  • Throwing sticks
  • Bisque firing during workshop
  • Basic throwing and hand-building tools

Participants should bring:

  • Any personal tools they wish to use during workshop
  • Boxes and wrapping for any pieces you make during the workshop

Artist Statement:

The pots I create are intended to bring artwork into daily living while enhancing the interactions between food, drink, people, and their community. As a craftsperson, I endeavor to create highly utilitarian wares for people to use, touch, see, and experience on a consistent basis.

My forms are loosely inspired by the natural world. Just like all oak trees are distinguished from any other species in the forest, each tree is also unique unto itself. I find beauty in the diversity that handcrafted works bring into our assembly-line culture.

The realm of function gives me parameters in which I can explore the purpose and utility of each form and how handmade ceramics augment everyday experiences. By considering how the forms are interacted with I strive to help the user get more satisfaction from commonplace occasions.

Food and drink sustain our bodies, but the camaraderie, empathy, and conviviality of good company sustains our souls.  Handcrafted utilitarian wares augment the nourishment of food and companionship at a meal or with drinks, and adds a deeper layer of care and compassion. My pottery ventures to make not only the profound moments, but also the mundane actions of daily living, more artful, cherishable and fulfilling.

To learn more about the artist visit:


This event has a group. You’re welcome to join the group once you register for the event.


  • Single Occupancy

    Private single room with private bathroom, linens included. Meals and #50 stoneware clay are included.

    Sold Out
  • Multiple Occupancy

    Shared room with private bathroom, linens included. If you do not indicate a roommate or come with a houseguest, you will be assigned a roommate prior to arrival. Meals and #50 stoneware clay are included.

  • Commuter Rate

    The rate does not include lodging. Lunch will be provided daily. Additional meals are available for purchase. Please make arrangements in advance if you would like to add meals to your workshop. Lunches and #50 stoneware clay are included.

  • Houseguest

    For anyone looking to join a workshop participant during their stay at Adamah without participating in a workshop. Meals and lodging are included. Come experience the beauty of Bethel Horizons property with over 7 miles of hiking and 5 miles of mountain biking trails. Relax and take in the breathtaking views and enjoy exploring Wisconsin's beautiful Driftless Area.




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