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Employment & INTERNSHIPS

Adamah Summer Internship

Adamah internship offers the following: 


  • Interns are offered lodging (you may have to share a room) in one of the retreat buildings at the camp along with all meals served during workshops. (note: there are days when no workshops are offered and you will be responsible for your own food.  We have a kitchen in the studio.) There are often a lot of leftovers available!


  • The week of July 4th the studio is closed. You will have a week off!!


  • Interns are also offered a small studio space, 25# of DSM stoneware clay/week and another 25# of reclaimed clay/week. Any clay you require beyond this will need to be purchased. Interns can fire 1 bisque (06) and 1 cone 6 glaze firing a month.  Interns are welcome to put work into workshop firings, including gas, electric and wood as long as it isn’t at the expense of the paying participants. 


  • Interns will have access to all summer workshops and wood firings.  Although daily workshop preparation tasks are required from interns, interns are encouraged to participate in workshops, kiln firings, teaching and developing their own body of work. It is not allowed to run a business selling the work you make using Adamah materials and firings. You will be allowed to sell your work through the small Adamah gallery located in the retreat center.


  • Interns will have the opportunity to learn how a professional studio is run as an educational and business center. 


  • The studio is open 24 hours a day.

  • Compensation for this internship is $250 / week plus lodging and most meals.


What is expected of interns:


  • The minimum expectation is for the interns to be present from 9:00am to 3:00pm, 5 days a week. The studio is open and running 7 days a week!! (There are times where longer days are expected in the studio to get work done) The days vacillate between intense work and days where interns can sit in on workshops or work on their own body of work.


  • Interns will be responsible for helping set-up and clean-up workshop spaces: moving tables, wheels, clay, etc. Prepping handouts, assigning rooms, helping participants and instructors, sweeping, mopping, etc.


  • Interns will be responsible for helping reclaim and pug clay and mixing glazes. They will load and unload kilns.


  • Interns are required to take pictures and video during workshops and submit them to our Marketing and Development Director.


  • Adamah keeps a large vegetable garden and a rock wall full of flowers. Interns are required to help maintain the garden and rock wall. You also get to eat the vegetables!!!


  • Interns will help split and stack wood for the wood kiln.



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